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logo Moving in the Government buildings, for the successful completion of the jobs requires a great skill. It is not only requires the knowledge of the subject on which the discussions are to be conducted, but also, to leave a good image of the organization, before leaving the chambers of the officers concerned. It may be easy to develop relations, but it is difficult to maintain. This cannot be achieved with a day's experience. One needs to have an exposure and wide experience. Only seasoned and intelligent PROFESSIONALS can render these services.

We provide advisory Services for below products:

•  Collateral Free Industrial Loan through CGTMSE Scheme:
Many small and medium enterprises face challenges in mobilizing capital for their business. This challenge is much more severe for start-up businesses. The challenge comes from the fact that SMEs have limited owned capital available to start a business and sustain it during initial tough years. To understand this government of India has took a indicative for collateral free fund SME business. Major nationalized and private bank are partner in this scheme. They are considering for Green Filed Project and Established Unit for Term Loan & Working capital. Maximum Cape for this scheme is Rs.100 Lakh.

•  Credit Link Capital Subsidy:
The scheme is providing plant & machinery Technology Upgradation facility to Micro and Small Enterprises by providing 15% capital subsidy on institutional finance availed by them for induction of well established and improved technology in approved sub-sectors/products. The admissible capital subsidy under the revised scheme is calculated with reference to purchase price of Plant and Machinery. Maximum eligibility loan is Rs. 100 Lakh.

•  Interest Subsidy for Micro Small & Medium Enterprise:
It is a state government indicative for establishing new enterprise as well expansion or modernisation of plant & Machinery and Fix assets. A Unit has registered with District Industries Centre as Micro Small & Medium enterprise. Maximum limit is Rs. 25 per annum Lakh for Five years.

•  Financial Assistance for Quality Certification(ISO,CE,WHO,GMP,BIS):
An eligible enterprise incurring expenditure for acquiring quality certificates such as BIS, ISO 9001 QMS Series, ISO 14001 EMS Series, ISO 18000 Series and other product specific quality certificate such as WHO GMP,CE, HACCP and others as recognized by government will be entailed to financial assistance. The eligible expenditure are Fees charged by certification agency, Cost of Testing equipment recognised by BIS, Calibration Charges for equipment, Certificate training & consulting charges. Maximum limit is Rs. 5 Lakh.

•  Financial Assistance for patent:
Any organization, institution, individual or industrial unit obtaining patent registration as per national/international rules and regulation is eligible for this scheme. Organisation can avail subsidy for the Fees paid to patent attorney and patent service centre. Unit is eligible for up to 50% expenditure incurred for obtaining patent subject to maximum Rs. 10 Lakh for domestic patents and 25 Lakh for international patents.

•  Participation in International & Domestic Trade Fair:
Assistance to MSME units for participation in International Trade Fair outside India @ 50% of total rent of Stall or Space paid to organizer and cost of product literature, catalogue and display material. Maximum to Rs. 2 Lakh. MSME unit shall have to apply within six months from the date of participation.

•  Financial Assistance for Bar code:
The basic objective of financial assistance is to enhance the marketing competitiveness of Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) by use of Bar Code, Providing 75% of one-time registration fee and first three year annual recurring fee.