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logo To protect & regulate condition of work and employment government has introduce this act. At Gujarat it’s called Bombay Shops & Establishment Act 1948. It is applicable to Shops, Commercial Establishment, Residential Hotel, Restaurant, Eating House, Theatres, Public Entertainment Place and Other Establishment. This act include regulation of Establishment, Employment of Children, Young Person, Women, Leave and Payment Wages, Health and Safety

List of Document require for new application
Letter Head, Rubber Stamp, Visiting Card ,Sale Bill, Purchase Bill, Municipal Tax Bill & Receipt, Commencement Letter of T.D.O. Dept, B.U. Permission, Partnership Deed, For Rent Premises Rent Agreement, owner ID proof, For Family Property Permission letter on RS. 50 Stamp paper

Professional Tax
Any one earning an income from salary, Commercial Establishment or practising a profession such as chartered accountant, lawyer, consultants, doctor etc are required to pay this professional tax.

Tax Structure

Monthly Income (Rs.) Tax Amount (Rs.)
Upto 6000/- Nil
6001 to 8999 80
9000 to 11999 150
12000 & Above 200