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Trade Mark

logoThe intent is to provide protection and prevention against fraudulent mark on the merchandise; it is also help a consumer distinguish between one company’s products to other company’s product. The trade mark can be a word, device, phrase, logo, sound or package design, which is used as a way of identifying for the consumer one brand to different from other. Objective is namely, protecting the interest of consumer and protecting Product or services reputation and goodwill. Certain mark on goods & services are used in respect of origin, material, Mode of manufacturing of goods or performance of services, quality, accuracy and other characteristics from goods & Services. It is not necessary that the consumer be able to identify the specific manufacturer. Rather, the mark need merely to communicate to consumers that the goods or services bearing the mark come from a unique source, distinguishable from all the other sources for those goods or services.

Rights given to trademark owners:

Trademarks are essentially limited monopolies over the use of symbols in business. The government grants trademark owners the right to exclude all other businesses from using a similar mark on related goods or services. For instance, nobody in the computer industry is allowed to use the name "apple" as a way of identifying themselves, except for Apple Computers, Inc., who was the first to use that symbol to sell computers. If someone selling computers uses "apple," Apple Computers, Inc. has the right to sue immediately in court and force that company to stop using the mark immediately, and without compensation. In fact, they may even be able to make the other party pay monetary compensation for their losses, and have them pay attorneys fees as well, one when selling related goods or products. Because the government can enforce this exclusivity, trademarks are considered assets of a business, and thus can be licensed or even mortgaged as collateral.


1) Entity has to submitted the detail to us in the prescribe format
2) Technical Team Verify the detail & Searching for any smellier Mark, Logo or Name found
3) Application in the prescribe format along with fees to Applicable Regional Registrars Office
4) Objection or Opposed Clearance
5) Process Time 15-18 Month
6) Validity: 10 Years

Note: At the application time Entity can put “TM” Apply for Trade Marks & after successfully Completion the process (R)